About Prank Calls

What are these Prank Calls about anyway?

A prank call is a telephone wind up, something used by funny jokers to play hilarious jokes on their mates, colleagues, friends and family or whoever deserves it. It is a practical joke on the phone as the victim is usually tricked into saying something ridiculous as part of a hoax, or asked really embarrassing questions, like ones on a sexually transmitted disease joke or similar. Possibly they are involved in storing stolen goods or they are getting busted for checking out dodgy porn sites on the net, there are loads of different jokes to play using this wind up joke service.

Basically, the victim is humiliated or embarrassed while the pranksters listen in and wet their pants laughing at the frustrated and helpless victim.

Our prank calls are a perfectly hilarious source of entertainment for you and you mates to wind up anyone on the phone, either a mobile or a UK landline.

Are they convincing? Do they work well?

Of course they do, we have the latest interactive joke service technology and use professional scripters, actors and actresses to make the windup as realistic as possible. Your victim will be totally sucked in and you will find it hilarious when they are wound up and humiliated on the phone. You can joke around with your mates at anytime of the day or night as these joke services are available all the time, 24 hours a day, so get on the phone and try one out now!

The best bit about this service is you can listen in on your victims being wound up and laugh your ass off at their hilarious misfortune on this great joke wind up service. They might have been innocently making their way to work and the call will come as a completely surprise! Catching your friends off guard can be the best way to guarantee a hilarious reaction. You can listen to them squirming in their seat as they are asked embarrassing questions and get in a pickle on the phone!

Want to try out a joke wind up service right now?

So you’ve heard all the talk, now walk the walk, get on the phone andw ind up one of your mates, see how funny it is. Loads of our callers love the service so much they go on to make follow on calls just because they laughed so much on the first one. Kinda like the windups used on radio 1, by Scott Mills and the like, these joke service telephone windups are designed to make you wet yourself with laughter and they definitely produce results.

Why not put your phone on loudspeaker and all have a laugh at someone elses expense, priceless! Check out our great list of funny windup services and pick the one you like the most to try out on one of your mates today!

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