Hilarious Wind Up Calls – How to Play Telephone Pranks on People in the UK

Hilarious Wind Up CallsWhat is it like to prank call people in the UK, and how can you get in on the fun?
This article will go through some of the basics of prank calling and


So what exactly is a prank call?


According to Wikipedia, it’s a practical joke played on the telephone. It’s when you call someone with a hoax or a joke, and it can be quite amusing at times. In the United Kingdom, you can find lists of people’s numbers that you can prank call. Ranging from the average British household to big professional companies, you can find them all. You can call them with whatever skit you want, and you can look for prank call ideas online that you could use.


So how do you exactly prank call someone in the UK?


First, you’ll want to find the number that you will call. As previously mentioned, you can look online for prank call numbers, or you can even prank call your own friends and family. Prank calls are simple. All you need to do is to call them with your skit and keep improvising by the person you are calling’s reaction to the skit. Then, research ideas for your prank call. You can say something silly like your dog has been laying waste to my lawn for a long time as an example. Research what kind of prank call you want to do, and call them. Play along with whatever they say and ask natural or your call will seem like a prank call, which you don’t want them to realise. But remember, at the end of the call, you must tell them that it was a prank call. This is important because you may lead people to do many actions because of your prank call and they may spend a long time wondering what that was about. You don’t want to cause this agony on people, so you must tell them that it was a prank in the end.


But what can you expect their reactions to be to your prank call.


People’s reactions to your prank call can be quite unexpected. Their reactions can range from being slightly amused to being extremely angry and hanging up. Of course, the type of effect that you get from your prank call will be influenced by the type of prank call you do. If you do a light-hearted one, you probably aren’t going to get someone screaming at you for example. So you can expect a type of reaction based on your prank call. If you do one where you scream at them, you’ll probably get screamed at too.


You’ve now learned how to execute the perfect prank call. You know how to find people to prank call, find ideas for these calls, and you also know what to expect when you prank call. Prank calls are a fun way to play around with someone and a great thing to do when bored. You can have tons of fun doing this, but you must remember not to overdo it. If you over do it, you’ll seem more annoying than funny. You should always respect other people and not take the joke too far!


Using a ready-made prank call phone service.


By using a phone service you can take all the hassle out of playing a prank on someone. This is better suited to pranking someone you know as the results are truly hilarious. You simply need to find a service (such as our own), get your victim’s number ready and then get ready to roll around laughing.

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Have fun prank calling!