UK Wind Up Calls

Want to ruin your mate’s day? Why not try and give him the wind-up call and laugh ’til you drop!

These wind-up calls have been around for many years and despite the explosion of the internet, it remains a solid and foolproof way to wind up your mates.


Wanna know how it works?

There are many websites that offer this kind of service but A1 Windups is one of the pioneers, operating a stable and awesome service since 2005.

All you have to do is dial the wind-up hotline, select the wind up you want to inflict on your mate, enter their number and let the service provided do the magic. You don’t need to drop the call, you can listen in. Yes! That’s right. You can listen to the entire wind up call and hear your mate give hilarious reactions and answers. No need to worry about your mate hearing you. You can even put it on speaker and invite your friends so they can all hear.


Here are a few samples of prank calls you can do with your mate:


Caught Downloading Internet Porn
Your mate will get the call from their internet provider complaining of their strange activity and data usage. This call better not be in a public place, otherwise, your mate might be more than embarrassed. But then you wanted to prank them, so the more embarrassing, the better. Right?

Rude Phone Survey
This phone call will introduce itself as just a normal phone survey that anyone would get. But as the call progresses, the questions get a little bit more embarrassing that your mate won’t be able to answer that easily, more especially in public or when he is with someone.

Live on the Radio
Your mate will get a call from a radio jock that will go live in less than a minute. The radio jock will tell that their ex-partner was on the show and answered a bunch of questions. Now they will be asked a few questions as well, and if they get everything right, they will win a grand holiday with their ex-partner. They will be reminded that everything is live and that they shouldn’t swear.

These are only a few samples of the funny pranks we have available.

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