Joke Lines, Prank Calls and Wind Up Calls to Play on Your Mates Over the Phone

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A prank call is a telephone wind up call, joke call or phone prank used by friends to play amusing jokes on their colleagues, friends and family or anyone who deserves it. Phone prank your friends with an amazing joke call today – Live 24/7!

Send your friend around the bend with our unique jokes and UK wind ups. Choose from the following prank call themes:

1. Global Federation of Mobile Theft!

A great wind up involving the theft of a mobile phone, the authorities call the victims mobile number, but the phone is still in use – someone’s in trouble!.

Call 0911 100 0050 – Choose option 1

2. Dr. Hunt from the National STD Control unit.

Sounds like you have been fooling around with the wrong person and they have named you as a possible carrier of Zachary Syndrome. This is an nasty STD with some painful, yet funny treatment.

Call 0911 100 0050 – Choose option 2

3. Pissed off Jane.

Jane is on the war path and the victim is in for a rough ride as she is pissed off, why hasn’t he got back to her? He said he would? She is persistent and irritating and will have you wetting your pants laughing at your victim’s reaction.

Call 0911 100 0050 – Choose option 3

4. Voice recognition software – what a JOKE!

The victims have to repeat hilarious words and phrases in order to test a voice recognition software. Their phone has been reported as faulty – wonder how that’s happened – he he he.

Call 0911 100 0050 – Choose option 4

5. I just missed your call – what do you want?!

An irritated bloke with a great accent has just missed a call from the victim and wants to know what it’s about, the victim best be quick as this guy is in the middle of something. A repeat call joke, guaranteed to deliver the wind-up.

Call 0911 100 0050 – Choose option 5

6. Who’s been buying PORN online?

A great wind up centred around the victim having bought PORN or similar erotic items on the net, the delivery is on the way – in like five minutes. Oh shit! They need to confirm a few details – this one is brilliant.

Call 0911 100 0050 – Choose option 6

7. Radio chat show to win a holiday!

The victim is blagged to go on a live radio show to win a holiday to Antigua, ace! Only they have to answer questions regarding an ex – hilarious. Listen to them squirm as they think they are live on daytime radio.

Call 0911 100 0050 – Choose option 7

8. Make a Beeline from the dating agency.

Someone’s been advertising themselves with a dating agency! and they already have interested parties. The victim listens to the messages they have and is asked for some input and responses, brilliant.

Call 0911 100 0050 – Choose option 8

9. TV appearance – one touch is too much!

OK, so they need the victim to appear on a reality tv game show called on touch is too much – it sounds ace but someone has dropped out at the last minute. Listen and laugh at your victim on the phone.

Call 0911 100 0050 – Choose option 9

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Calls cost £1.50 per minutes plus access charges

Our pranks are guaranteed to make your victim squirm and will make you roll around with laughter.

“Worth every penny. Simple as that! My mate pissed me off at work so I gathered some of our colleagues together, called the number and relished in the joy of hearing his squirmy voice on the other end as the joke unfolded. Pure gold! I’ll be using this service again and again for sure!” – Simon Bloggs, Reading, UK